A while ago, while my family was on vacation in New York, we received a call that our house here was on fire. We were 10 hours of driving time away.

We had just buried my father the day before leaving on the trip. After the call, it felt like our lives had been turned completely upside down. We arrived home to find our house was a complete loss. Everything we had was gone.

But since then, people have stepped forward with words of encouragment and kind support.

So this is to thank all the people who have reached out to help my family. Although I have not had time to return all the calls offering help, I would like all those who have contacted our family to know that we are very grateful for their kindness.

The kindness of our friends, family and strangers have helped ease the stress and sadness. But special thanks go to the Monmouth School Department, the Monmouth vestry, the fire departments that tried to save our home, and to the special people who helped take care of our animals.

Thank you all.

Rebecca Hinkley, North Monmouth

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