Doves have increased so rapidly in Auburn that in many places they have become a nuisance. It is well known that they nest several times during a season and each time bring out a good-sized brood. While they are very beautiful and interesting little creatures, they soon make a house look like a barn yard. There is much fault finding about them just now.

50 years ago, 1958

Thomas Gould of West Auburn, Wayne Sturtevant of Stevens Mills and Eugene Wallingford of Auburn cooperated recently in getting a swarm of bees out of the livingroom of the home of Mrs. Joseph Chaplin of Oak Street, East Auburn. The bees have now located near the top of the chimney.

• The increase in tolls along the Maine Turnpike hasn’t reduced the traffic between Lewiston and Auburn over the toll road at all, according to the toll collectors. Those who use the turnpike as a short cut from Lewiston’s Lisbon Road to the Portland Road in Auburn “never batted an eyelash” when the toll jumped from 10 to 15 cents, collectors said. The turnpike route between the points takes about five minutes compared with about 20 minutes through the two cities when traffic is heavy.

25 years ago, 1983

Tragedy was avoided Friday afternoon at Sabattus Lake when three area men made it safely to shore after their sailboat capsized in choppy waters due to high winds. Sabattus police officer Donald Mondor identified the trio as Jack Ames, 25 of East Livermore, Peter Abbot, 25, of Winthrop and James Glazier, 23 of Wales.

Two powerboats launched from Martin’s Point after the boat was sighted floundering in the lake. The unidentified boaters circled the sailboat as the three men attempted to right the craft in case the men needed further assistance. After the sailboat had been put aright, the powerboats left and made their way back to Martin’s Point. Other than being wet and tired, the three men were uninjured. The boat suffered no damage.

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