Carl F. Getchell, who loves things exciting, drove his Buick car to Monmouth during the heavy shower Monday night. Although the roads were slippery with mud, he made the trip from his office on Lisbon Street to his garage in Monmouth in 43 minutes. One stop was made at Greene depot to see if the chains on the tires were holding properly. Great energy and skill were required to keep the fast moving car from ditching. Only one team was met and that carried more lights than were on the car and contained more people than could be stored in two cars. The effect of the lightning which was on all sides was most beautiful. It was so constant that the powerful acetylene lights on the car were of little use.

50 years ago, 1958

“Very successful.”

William P. Tewhey, executive vice president of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce, turned to those two words last night in describing the two-day Dollar Days promotion which local merchants put on Friday and Saturday for bargain-seeking shoppers. Thousands thronged the downtown business district during the two-day event and cash registers were kept busy ringing up sale after sale.

• A 3-pound bass was hauled out of Tacoma Lake, Sunday, by 7-year-old Peter Poulin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Poulin of 24 Arkwright St. The boy, a student at St. Peter’s School, and his parents are summering at the lake where they have a camp.

25 years ago, 1983

AUGUSTA – New drivers licenses no longer will include a chart on the back telling people how much they can drink before being legally drunk because critics say it encourages people to drink to the limit.

The chart has appeared on photo licenses for the past year so people know how much they can drink before risking a conviction under the state’s tough drunk driving law. In at least two court cases in Maine, defendants have argued that they were innocent of drunk driving because they followed the chart. They were unsuccessful.

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