If experience comes from the length of time a politician is in office, why are the ratings of Washington representatives so low? Many have been re-elected time and time again due to name recognition, money and/or party backing.

If George W. Bush’s first four years in office helped give him the experience needed to do a good job, why is his rating so low now?

Were our forefathers, who forged the ideas and laws of this country, experienced in creating a nation, which has been envied by others for generations?

Are we, the voters, experienced in voting out those whose ideologies have not improved the viability of this country?

Decision-making has less to do with experience than with foresight and common sense. For a politician to be an effective representative, he or she needs empathy, (not sympathy), knowledge with open-mindedness, communication skills, and ambition to act on the priorities necessary for the good of this nation and the majority. Yes, the welfare of the minority must also be taken into account, but no government can be everything to everyone all the time.

An election is one of the rare times that everyone can, and should, educate themselves on the issues, the candidates, their ideas for future action, and their problem-solving abilities.

Media information is usually biased and repetitious to the point of brainwashing.

I hope the next president and representatives will have truthful and useful information in order to make good choices, just as we need.

Alta Wood, Poland

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