LEWISTON – “Les Moulins (The Mills),” an experimental and award-winning documentary exploring the collapse of the mills and cultural identity of Lewiston, will be shown Thursday, Aug. 7, by its creator, Ross William Morin, at Museum L-A.

The program, held in conjunction with Museum L-A’s new exhibit “Weaving a World: Lewiston’s Millworkers, 1920-2008,” will begin at 7 p.m. and run for about an hour. Admission is free.

Morin will show the film and talk about how and why it was made as well as the art of documentary filmmaking in general.

“To me, ‘Les Moulins’ is about the loss of history and identity we are dealing with as Americans. Specifically, the destruction of the mills serves as the metaphor for the dissolution and loss of the Franco-American culture in New England,” Morin said. “This film deals with the specific collapse and dissolution of the Franco-American culture in New England set up by the analogy of the mills which we are metaphorically destroying ourselves.”

“The film,” he continued, “explores my own concerns and questions with my Canadian French heritage – what is my relationship to it? How much do I know about my own history? How much do I care? And finally: How much should I care? “

“I hope that the film and its questions find some resonance with members of all communities, ages and locations,” Morin affirmed.

“Les Moulins” stars Morin’s friend Andrea Thornton of Auburn, who is of Franco-American descent, and his grandmother, Joan Morin of Lewiston, “whose ties to history evidence themselves in the film” and whose memories form the basis of the narrative.

“I’ve made over 50 films and I think this may be my strongest work yet,” Morin said. “Les Moulins” has screened at two film festivals: The Athens (Ohio) International Film Festival this year and Portland (Maine) Phoenix Film Featival in 2007, where it won the award for Best Production.

Morin recently graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with a master of fine arts degree in film and video production. He is a 2001 graduate of Edward Little High School and graduated summa cum laude from Connecticut College in 2005. He is joining the faculty of St. Cloud State University as an assistant professor of film studies.

Museum L-A is in the Bates Mill Complex at Canal and Chestnut streets. Parking is available in front of the entrance. For more information, call 207-333-3881.

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