A recent morning talk radio show focused on people calling to say what they liked about Maine. During the show, one of the hosts laughed out loud at one caller who was describing what she liked about Lewiston. While chuckling with laughter, he asked her to look out the window to see if any arsonists were setting fires, and questioned living in a crime-filled city. He stated that former mayor John Jenkins had the good sense to move out.

His robust laughter was a verbal slap in the face to Lewiston – a direct insult to every contribution Lewiston makes to this state and every effort made over the past 20-plus years to improve itself.

Every obstacle overcome, every challenge achieved, and every adversity overcome are what he slapped in the face with his laughter. It was akin to saying “Good job, we love you,” to every other city, and then looking Lewiston straight in the face and saying “except you of course!”

Every Lewiston citizen, town leader and citizen of Maine with a sense of justice should demand an apology.

I think nothing short of a week-long, daily, 20-30 minute segment highlighting different aspects of Lewiston’s history, achievements and current events, culminating in a full three-hour live broadcast from Kennedy Park would suffice.

Michael Bardier, New Gloucester

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