Auburn citizens are showing much keener interest in the equipment of the fire department since the lumber district fire than ever before. They stand, in general, for larger mains, more apparatus, and a better general equipment in every respect. Now that the new reservoir has been built so successfully with a supply assured for any sort of fire, no matter how great, the only question that occurs is the size of mains leading into remoter districts. It is said by all who saw the fire of last Monday, that considering the size of the mains leading into that section the water supply was remarkable and even at that it was not all that it should have been.

50 years ago, 1958

More than 600 youths attended the outdoor dance held Wednesday at the Foodtown parking lot and sponsored jointly by the Auburn Youth Council and Auburn Recreation Department. Many adults also enjoyed the dance, with some bringing chairs and watching the latest maneuvers. Youth Council Advisor Joseph Savignano said the activities were well chaperoned and the program to provide more activities for Auburn youths is moving along well. Two trips a week to the Tacoma Pines is being provided for the younger PAL members.

• Twenty-five of the community’s golden wedding couples will be honored at a gathering Friday evening when Louis P. Gagne will serve as master of ceremonies. The party honoring the couples is being held at the Acme Snow-Shoe Club rooms at 186 Lisbon St., Lewiston on Friday evening at 8 o’clock with the club underwriting the expense.

Among the guests will be the immediate families of the honor guests, Lewiston Mayor, Romeo T. Boisvert, the Lewiston aldermen and the State Senators J. C. Boucher, Alton Lessard and Leo St. Pierre and the Legislators, Albert E. Cote, Paul A. Couture, Arthur J. Dumais Jr., Emile Jacques, Louis Jalbert and Georges Rancourt.

25 years ago, 1983

Anti-religious messages were painted on at least 15 churches of various denominations in Cumberland and Androscoggin counties this weekend, police said. Six churches in Portland, five in Lisbon Falls, three in Lewiston and one in Sabattus were sprayed with the numbers 666 and/or the word “Babylon.” Ministers say 666 is an anti-Christ symbol and Babylon is a place of evil.

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