Black Mountain of Maine, Rumford, 207-364-8977

Vertical Drop 1150 feet


4 Green, 10 Blue 8 Black

Lifts: 1 triple chair

1 double chair

1 t-bar

2 handle tows

Park, half pipe

Night skiing: Yes

Snowmaking 80 %

Lost Valley
, Auburn, 207-784-1561

Vertical Drop 240 feet

Trails: 6 green, 4 blue, 5 black

2 double chairs

Terrain Park

Night Skiing: Yes

Snowmaking 100 %

Mt. Abram Ski Resort
, Greenwood, 207-875-5002

Vertical Drop: 1150 feet

Trails: 10 green, 21 blue, 13 black

Lifts: 2 double chairs

1 T-bar

1 surface

1 carpet

Terrain Park

Night Skiing: Yes

Snowmaking: 85 %

Saddleback Ski Resort
, Rangeley, 207-864-5671

Vertical Drop: 2000 feet

Trails: 22 green, 19 Blue, 21 black

Lifts: 1 quad

2 doubles

2 T-bars

Terrain Park, half pipe

Night Skiing: No

Snowmaking 85 %

Shawnee Peak, Bridgton, 207-647-8444

Vertical Drop: 1300 feet

Trails: 19 green, 18 blue, 14 black

Lifts: 1 quad chair

2 triple chairs, 1 double chair

1 carpet

Two parks, half pipe

Night Skiing: Yes

Snowmaking 99 %

Spruce Mountain
, Jay, 207-897-4090

Vertical Drop: 300 feet

Trails, 3 green, 5 blue, 3 black

Lifts: 3 rope tows

No parks or half pipe

Night skiing: 90%

Snowmaking 50 %

, Carrabassett Valley, 207-237-2000

Vertical Drop: 2820 feet

Trails, 33 green, 44 blue, 57 black

Lifts: 2 quad chairs

2 high speed quad chairs

1 triple chair

8 double chairs

2 surface

1 carpet

Park, half pipe

Night Skiing: No

Snowmaking 95 %

Sunday River
, Bethel, 207-824-5200

Trails: 43 green, 47 blue, 41 black

Lifts: 1 high speed chondola

4 quad chairs

4 high speed quad chairs

4 triple chair

1 double chairs

2 surface

Terrain parks, half pipe

Night skiing: No

Snowmaking 92 %

Titcomb Mountain
, West Farmington, 207-778-9031

Vertical Drop: 340 feet

Trails, 4 green, 5 blue, 7 black

Lifts: 2 T-bars

1 handle tow

Terrain Park

Night Skiing: Yes

Snowmaking 70 %

Trail ratings:
Ski areas use a system that rates trails compared to other trails within their area. Green circle = Easiest, Blue square = More difficult, Black diamond = Most difficult. The degree of difficulty can vary widely from one area to another. The larger mountains frequently label runs ” Double Black Diamonds” to let skiers know that these runs may be extremely difficult. Skiers comfortable on Black Diamonds at a smaller area often find Black Diamonds at larger mountains beyond their ability. All skiers are advised to sample the Blue Square runs at any unfamiliar area and work their way up to the more difficult runs to prevent getting in over their heads.

Glades: Some trail listings do not list glades which most larger areas now offer. The percentage of runs covered by snowmaking typically is confined to trails with snowmaking hitting only the fringes of glades near trails. Skiers must understand that glade skiing means exposure to natural conditions, ungroomed snow with no manmade base.

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