The Sun Journal’s editorial criticism (Aug. 2, “A test of commitment”) of Corey Troup, who is running for the state Senate, is unwarranted.

As someone who, for 24 years, has been a Democrat and an independent, and who was raised in Lewiston, I was glad to see Troup resume his candidacy for the state Senate.

The editorial states “Voters need candidates who want the job they seek.” Shouldn’t voters also question why candidates want the job?

What if a candidate who “wants the job” has a history of taxing away constituents’ food and beverages, jobs and homes and intends to continue doing so?

What if that candidate who “wants the job” would simply fill a Senate seat and, without questioning, vote his party’s position?

Lewiston should have a sincere, humble individual, with a fresh perspective who understands the real meaning of legislative service.

That individual this year is Corey Troup.

Claude Berube, Annapolis, Md.

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