An asterisk (*) indicates the member is deceased.

1978 *Ken Mackenzie, *Dick Curless, *Hal Lone Pine

1979 *Curly O’Brien, Betty Cody, Betty Gribbin

1980 *Yodelin’ Slim Clark, Al Hawkes, Gene Hooper

1981 **Tony & Juanita,*Duke Knight,*Fiddlin’ Harold Carter

1982 *Gus Fiore,*Bill Clement

1983 Paul Roberts, *Don Doane Sr.

1984 *Fred Pike, *Barry Dean, *Simone Mackenzie

1985 *Jud Strunk, Sleepy Willis

1986 *Little Joey Dipietro, *Mellie Dunham

1987 Charlie Gilliam, *Maurice Fournier

1988 Elmer Larson, Jeanie Carter

1989 *Rusty Wellington, **Ray & Ann Little

1990 Norm Decoteau, *”Happy Jack” Thurlow

1991 *Dickie Munroe, Pete Dixon

1992 Lou Mathieu, Rusty Rogers

1993 Ebb Lovley, Smokey Val

1994 Russ Adams, Deak Hamilton

1995 Kendall Morse, Ira Sally

1996 *Beverly Dodge, *Marcel Maurice Giasson

1997 “Lucky Tim” Farrell, Alan “Mac” McHale

1998 Bill Bedard, Flo Hooper

1999 Ray Couture, Fred “Tommy” Thompson

2000 Ginger Mae, Jimmy Cox

2001 Bob Elston, Charlie Brown

2002 Slim Andrews, Bob Alley

2003 Dave Mallett, *”Miss Marilyn” Brown

2004 *”Banjo Bill” Anketell, Denny Breau

2005 Jackie King, Ira Allen, *Lenny Breau

2006 Bing Crosby, Ben Guillemette, *Ted Conley

2007 Marlene Carpenter, Sonny Bickford

2008 Bob & Grace French, & Elton Record

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