Diane Jackson, a representative of U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe, late last month presented Kelly Wels of Waterford with a framed copy of Snowe’s recognition, contained in the Congressional Senate Record. The presentation was made at Wels’ Waterford offices.

Diaper boutique owner gets Congressional Record entry

WATERFORD – Maine U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe earlier this year honored Kelly Wels, owner of the online diaper boutique Kelly’s Closet Inc., by recognizing her ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and environmentalism in the Congressional Senate Record.

Wels founded Kelly’s Closet in 2001, working out of her home and selling children’s clothing on the Web. She soon began focusing on cloth diapers and her site quickly became popular with a growing number of parents looking for alternatives to disposable diapers for financial or environmental reasons.

In her recognition of Wels, Snowe, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, called Kelly’s Closet “a woman-owned small business that has helped reinvent a traditional product in a new and environmentally friendly way. … When Kelly Wels founded Kelly’s Closet in 2001, there were few options for parents looking for cost-effective, sanitary, and environmentally friendly diapers for their children. Like any good enterprising businesswoman, Ms. Wels identified this underserved market and then moved to supply the demand.”

Wels now owns several specialized cloth diapering boutiques, among them: KellysCloset.com, FuzziBunzOnline.com, OneSizeDiaperStore.com and BulkClothDiaper.com. She expects gross sales of her diapers and other baby care merchandise to top $800,000 this year.

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