Waving their arms and shouting to attract attention, with white water rushing on either side of their precarious perch, two small Lewiston boys had North Bridge lined with spectators Saturday night after they had sought rescue for an hour.

They were standing on a narrow point of rock nearly under West Pitch on the Auburn side of the falls, and while the river is low, there was enough water pounding down in their vicinity to make them terrified. Water cut off their escape in either direction.

With the tears coursing down their cheeks they waved and shouted. City Marshal Rowe was notified, and he finally secured a boat. George McNally rowed out, and with a little difficulty reached the boys. They were wet and tired and mighty glad to be set ashore.

50 years ago, 1958

A 16-year-old Auburn youth, who won a cruise on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in a nationwide contest, returned home yesterday from the months trip on the USS Ranger, firmly convinced by what he saw that the Navy is the career for him.

The lad, Stephen Levine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Levine of 135 Summer St., won the trip by having the best answer in a “Pride of the Navy” contest in which more than a million boys all over the country competed.

Steve, accompanied by his father, boarded the Ranger at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 11 after a flight from Washington, D.C. When the carrier arrived at Alamenda, Calif., last Wednesday, Steve had traveled a total of 8,414 miles.

25 years ago, 1983

It’s a part-time job, paying just under $70 per week, plus expenses. The job is temporary, lasting from two to four years, depending on the desire of the job-holder and the will of the employer. The number of hours varies; some would say the job is underpaid, others might argue a good candidate could be found for less.

The job is mayor of the city of Lewiston.

So far, three men, James M. Begert, Alfred A. Plourde and Chester R. Verrill, have publicly declared their candidacies for mayor. To be nominated for mayor, a person must submit to the city clerk a petition signed by more than 100 voters.

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