One of the crossings in Lewiston where autoists and drivers of teams find repeatedly bad conditions is at the corner of Pine and Webster streets. Here the grade is rather good and the trolley track washes out after heavy rains so that, with the rough slab-crossings also, it needs stout springs in a vehicle if one drives at all briskly across at this point. The place is one of the roughest in the city and no credit to the city and the road, since a moderate expenditure of money ought to improve the crossing permanently.

50 years ago, 1958

The Lewiston School Building Committee will inspect construction work at the new additions to Martel and Pettingill schools this afternoon. The group will inspect the contractors’ work which is complete. The Public Works Department is presently doing the landscaping and drainage work around the additions.

Other municipal boards have been invited to view the projects after the building committee makes its inspection today.

25 years ago, 1983

Joan Benoit of Cape Elizabeth, the world’s fastest woman marathoner, won the 3,000-meter race Thursday and Colleen Sommer took the high jump, giving the United States its second and third gold medals in track and field at the IX Pan American games.

• Marden’s Discount, the retail salvage store chain that is moving its Lewiston store later this year from Lisbon Street to the Northwood Plaza, is also planning a completely new venture in the Androscoggin Mill.

The mill, located at the intersection of Lisbon and Canal Streets, “is probably an even better location” than Northwood Plaza, according to David Marden, son of Marden’s founder Harold (Mickey) Marden.

Brent Hutchins, manager of the Waterville store, said Marden’s is considering several possibilities for the mill, including a “flea market” concept in which Marden’s would lease space to small manufacturers selling new, undamaged goods.

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