HARRISON – “I Ought to be in Pictures,” Neil Simon’s high-spirited and touching portrait of an unlikely family reunion, will bring the ninth annual Deertrees Theatre Festival to a close with shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 28-31.

The play is a poignant and tender yet funny take on the themes of love, insecurity, passion and prejudice.

Libby, a feisty, fast-talking 19-year-old from Brooklyn hitches a ride to Los Angeles to make it in the movie industry. Looking for fame, she is also desperate to find her wayward father, who abandoned her as a small child.

For Herb Tucker, a man who has not seen his daughter for 16 years, having Libby on his doorstep is a bit of a shock. He is living in a rundown house, not nearly as successful at his career as Libby thought, and is in danger of losing his longtime girlfriend, Steff, because of his fear of commitment.

Libby is a brash talker, which disguises her insecurities and resentments of a father she never knew. Herb is vulnerable and guilt-ridden and hasn’t a clue how to suddenly act like a parent.

The charm of this comedy lies in watching father and daughter begin to connect, all the while tossing off trademark Simon laugh lines. “I’ll make you breakfast tomorrow morning. You like waffles?” Herb asks Libby. “You can make waffles?” she asks. Herb replies, “I just pop them in the toaster.”

When Herb tries to tell his daughter about the birds and bees, it’s one laugh after another.

All performances are at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20, $10 for students. They are available through the Deertrees box office at 583-6747 and online at www.deertreeestheatre.org.

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