BUCKFIELD – Selectmen decided to call a special town meeting to address the issue of buying or repairing road equipment before winter sets in.

A date will be set once the warrant is approved.

Residents voted down the road equipment budget at their annual town meeting and there is no money for repairs to the loader or backhoe.

Selectman Chris Hayward said, “We’ve got to do something about the loader issue.”

Town Manager Glen Holmes said he could have a warrant prepared for approval at the next selectmen’s meeting. Tentative articles will be to see if the town will approve the purchase of a loader or money to fix the present loader. The same wording would be for the backhoe.

An option will be for the town to lease equipment. By law, the roads must be cleared of snow. Holmes said the town needs two pieces of equipment for loading the sand and the salt.

He said he would also like to ask for money for more security around the Municipal Building. Since the town cut funding for extra police coverage, there have been more problems. He said more security lights would help deter people from tearing up of the field behind the center and making marks on the driveway with squealing tires. Also, there has been some vandalism around the gazebo, and the snack bar was recently burned.

Another article likely to be on the warrant will be whether to purchase a sidewalk plow and snowblower, or contract the job, or lease the equipment.

Selectmen have been meeting with Minot over the possibility of sharing a road commissioner, but due to a medical situation, discussions have been put on hold for an indefinite time.

The board asked that an item be put on the warrant to consider a person for 15 to 20 hours to take over the road commissioner responsibilities.

This becomes an issue in light of the $7,700 fine recently placed on the town by the Bureau of Labor Standards because of building and personnel violations. Holmes said many of the violations have been addressed and the board approved Holmes sending a letter to the state listing what had been done to address the violations which will lower the fine.

Some of the things Holmes has done are to order new jacks for the garage along with new drop lights. He has had the grinding wheel fixed, placed new backup alarms, and now has an emergency action plan with exit maps in all the buildings. Also, the EMTs have new vests.

There were several minor violations in all of the buildings and Holmes said most of those have been addressed.

There is an urgent need for a SAD 39 board member due to the resignation of Stacey Lovejoy. Interested people are asked to contact the office.

The board approved the acceptance of a granite bench from the American Legion.

Buckfield has received a dividend check for $555 from the Maine Municipal Association as a result of its excellent claim experience from Workers Compensation and Unemployment compensation.

The board tabled action on a septic system failure on North Buckfield Road until the next meeting to see if Community Concepts will follow through on getting it fixed. If it is not fixed by that time, the town will take legal action.

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