Dear Sun Spots: Your column is a big help to anyone trying to locate a product, and I’m hoping you can give me some direction. I’m looking for a store that may carry Sue Bee Spun Honey (the spreadable honey). We have looked in Shaw’s and Hannaford and can’t find it. Your wonderful help would be appreciated. Many thanks. – No Name, Lewiston.

Paul Griffin from Sue Bee Honey told Sun Spots that it is available for sale at Shaw’s Supermarkets on Center Street and East Avenue. A grocery clerk from Shaw’s found it in the aisle with the regular honey, aisle 9 in the Center Street store.

Spun honey is pure, premium honey which has been allowed to naturally granulate under controlled conditions to make a smooth, spreadable textured honey. Granulation is a natural characteristic of pure honey. It does not affect the taste or purity of honey or indicate any deterioration of the honey. It is also easily reversed by carefully heating the honey container in hot water. Simply place the open glass or can container (never plastic) in a pan of hot water until all crystals melt.

Sue Bee Honey suggests many different uses for honey, including swallowing a teaspoon to help ease a sore throat or cough, adding a spoonful to your tea or juice for a boost of energy, and adding a ¼ cup honey to your bath water for a fragrant, silky bath.

You can make your own honey butter spread by beating together ½ cup margarine or butter and 1/3 cup of honey until smooth (about 3 or 4 minutes). They also suggest adding honey, one teaspoon at a time, to foods that are too spicy or too salty, such as chili. Honey will tame down the spices while enhancing the flavor; and you won’t notice the sweetness.

Dear Sun Spots: I am an individual who lives on a fixed income. I would like to appeal to the public for help. I very much would like to obtain employment but am unable to do so as I need repairs to my vehicle that I cannot afford. I am unsure what repairs are needed. If there are members of the community willing to donate their services I would be very appreciative. I can be reached at 782-3791. – Anita, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: It is the start of a new school year. I am a teacher at Edward Little High School and as part of my curriculum I offer the experience of disassembling and then reassembling small four stroke gasoline engines such as those found on lawnmowers. I am hoping to secure up to eight of them. They do not have to be in any kind of running condition. So if you find yourself looking at that old rusted lawnmower stowed under your deck or in back of your garage then maybe you will consider donating it as an experience for a 14-year-old freshmen to better understand how four -cycle engines work in a very hands-on way. I can arrange for pickup or will gladly accept your donation by appointment at the high school. Thank you. – Jon Vaughn-Carr, Edward Little High School teacher.

Dear Sun Spots: Thank you again for your great column. I just finished reading the article in today’s Sun Spots regarding craft and quilt magazines. I am very much interested in cross stitch magazines if these are available. My telephone number is 364-2456. Thank you. – No Name, Rumford.

Dear Sun Spots: I think your column is wonderful and so helpful. Does anyone know of a catalogue that has cross-stitching kits that we can order from? I do not always have Internet access and I have not found much variety in local stores. Hope someone can help. Thank you. – L.D., Lisbon Falls.

Answer: Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, located on the Topsham Fair Mall Road in Topsham does have a selection of cross-stitching kits. You can also find kits and books available on their Web site,

You can also request a free catalog from The Stitchery, located in Massachusetts, by calling their customer service department at 1-800-388-9662, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have patterns and supplies available.

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