“Perfect: A Love Story,” by J.C. Soucier, paperback, 204 pages, $16.95

FAIRFIELD -What happens when fate brings two people together and faith tears them apart?

The answer is in “Perfect: A Love Story,” by J.C. Soucier, an intriguing true story set in Maine about two people who find themselves engaged in a deep, rich and forbidden love.

Father Matthew and Kate indulge in a very private, well-protected relationship that comes with restrictions. Publicly, they live in one world by day; secretly, they lead a totally different life together by night.

The book tells of the struggles, twists and intimidating confrontations between the young lovers and adversaries who are hardly a match. A young, determined woman’s decision is challenged by certain members in the hierarchy of one of the world’s largest and most powerful institutions. Eventually, the mystery of this brilliantly concealed devotion the two have for one another is unmasked and climatically exposed.

“Perfect: A Love Story” was never meant to be a book. Soucier never aspired to become an author. She worked as a teacher and as a social worker. Yet, when she wrote her memoir as a Christmas gift to her family, it became clear to them that her passionate true-life story had to be told.

“Perfect: A Love Story” is available at Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com; search for “Perfect by J.C. Soucier.”

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