A bullet shot thru the kitchen window, startled the household of Cephas Cushman, Washington Street, Auburn, Sunday forenoon. The bullet, which of good size, tore thru the screen and struck the cook stove. Mr. and Mrs. Cushman were three or four feet from the spot where the bullet struck. They suppose someone was hunting in the neighborhood and was shooting carelessly.

50 years ago, 1958

The Lewiston School Department is having trouble with the hardwood floor in the new gymnasium constructed a couple of years ago as part of the high school addition. The floor has “humped” in several places.Questioned about this yesterday, School Supt. P. Weldon Russell reported the humping is “not unusual” and added that the floor will be all right with the coming of dry weather.

Russell said the humping in the new gymnasium was caused by moisture from the damp summer the area has experienced. He said there is nothing wrong, that floors in other schools also have humped for the same reason.

The superintendent said the high school has been heating the gymnasium in an attempt to relieve the problem, but that only a small amount of fuel actually is involved. He said it is necessary to use heat anyway to provide hot water and that some of it was channeled to the gym.

25 years ago, 1983

Androscoggin County’s detectives will relocate to a new headquarters for the second time since asbestos fibers were discovered in the basement of the County Building. The County Commission Tuesday night authorized the detectives to move temporarily to a room currently used to store Registry of Deeds records – if the registrar agrees to give up the space.

Commissioner Ronald P. Lebel made the motion to authorize the temporary relocation “in a manner agreeable” to Registrar of Deeds Muguette Thompson and Sheriff Joseph P. Laliberte.

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