Miss Sadie Knowlton, dash of death artist, whose performance thrilled thousands at the State Fair this week, and against whom a $3,000 suit was entered by Oscar Manley Thursday, left Lewiston Thursday afternoon.

“As far as the suit goes, I don’t know much about it,” said Miss Knowlton. “I have placed the matter in the hands of the firm of McGillicuddy & Morey and they are looking after my interests.

“It seems to me as if a carpenter ought to be able to build a staging strong enough to hold himself up, or take the chances of falling.

“I guess some of the people here thought I was a crook, the way I have been used. I tried to meet them honestly and half way, and I guess that was going too far, I will remember this fair for some time.”

50 years ago, 1958

There’s an ugly monkey running around loose in Lewiston.

That monkey spotted yesterday by Mrs. Ernest Lambert of 792 Main St. as it scampered about her back yard, flew the coop when the World of Mirth Shows was in town last week, police were informed last night by Bill Wheeler, groundskeeper at the fairgrounds.

The critter was described as being “very ugly.”

Its whereabouts last night were not known.

25 years ago, 1983

Representatives of the Bureau of the Census will conduct a survey in the Lewiston-Auburn area during the week of Sept. 19-24 to determine the extent to which people have been immunized against selected diseases, according to Arthur G. Dukakis, director of the bureau’s Regional Office in Boston.

The survey is conducted throughout the United States every year to provide information on immunization against measles, influenza. polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, rubella and mumps. The information is needed to administer health programs for disease prevention.

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