Many homes have decks, some newer than others. Whatever their age, all decks require regular maintenance to stay in good condition and look their best. Has it been some time since you have given your deck attention? Read on to familiarize yourself with what you should do to care for it properly.

Although it resists decay, pressure-treated lumber is prone to the elements. All decks, therefore, need to be sealed to protect them from sun and rain.

Before you apply any sealer to your deck, you must clean it. Several products are available for this task, and for the best results, you should read and follow the manufacturer’s directions. If your deck is extremely dirty, you may want to rent a power washer and give it a more thorough cleaning. This will remove most stains and mildew.

After you have cleaned your deck, you should inspect it for damage. Sand away any splinters you see and replace all nails that are popping up with stainless steel screws. Take care of any rotting wood and give your deck one final sweeping.

If you would like to stain your deck, you should do so before you apply the sealer. Make sure you use semi-transparent for the floor and solid for the railings and banister. You can apply these with a roller and brush or a paint sprayer.

When your deck is dry, you may apply the sealer. If you have stained your deck, you should use a clear wood preservative with UV protection. If you have not stained your deck and would like to add some color to it, you may use a tinted wood preservative. Either way, you may apply the sealer with a roller and brush or a paint sprayer. Make sure you let it sit for 20 minutes to penetrate the wood. Then go back over the surface to get rid of any bubbles and apply a second coat.

To keep your deck in good condition, you should clean and seal it annually. You should also sweep it regularly to prevent fallen debris from collecting and decaying on the surface, leaving behind moisture and rotting the wood.

Keep your deck looking its best. Learn how to care for it properly and make an effort to do so.

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