For the purpose of talking over private kindergarten work, several Lewiston and Auburn women particularly interested in the subject were invited to meet at the home of Mrs. A. W. Anthony, College Street, Friday afternoon.

The session was informal but everyone seemed to be of one mind in regard to the value of establishing a private kindergarten in the city. The instructor will be Miss Sarah M. Storey. Once started, such a school cannot help but be successful under the supervision of so experienced a kindergartener as Miss Storey.

50 years ago, 1958

Somebody stole the mother of four little kittens at Central Fire Station in Lewiston. The department reports that someone walked off with its pet cat Thursday night. It was probably an apparently intoxicated woman seen in the area with a cat in her hands. Meanwhile, the fireman’s pet dog, “Mike,” is watching over the kittens.

25 years ago, 1983

Lewiston Police Chief Herve Gendreau made a strong plea Monday for city residents to report crimes or suspicious conditions to police, saying that the sooner the call is made – with or without the caller identifying himself – the better the chance the offender may be caught.

Speaking at a workshop on neighborhood problems, Gendreau said once before he tried to pass the word on reporting incidents, and it worked – for a while. “We tell them they do not have to give their name, but it helps,” said Gendreau. He said having the name helps officers both with responding to a scene and with prosecuting offenders, if possible.

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