A young Auburn girl had a narrow escape from being swept over the West Pitch and drowned, Sunday. The falls being dry she took a sofa cushion and a book and went out onto the highest rock, to read. While in the most interesting place in the story the water began to run over the dam. When the young lady looked up from her book she was surrounded by the madly rushing waters of the Androscoggin. With courage that a young lady seldom displays she left her book and cushion on the rocks and started to wade to the shore. The water was so swift that she kept her footing only by holding onto the rocks. A stranger seeing her perilous position waded out to meet her after she had passed the most dangerous currents. “That is the first time I ever knew the tide to come up to the falls,” she says.

50 years ago, 1958

A shore dinner is in prospect for someone, according to the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department, as the result of a break at Creamer’s Lobster Pound on Main Street, Sabattus.

A bushel of clams and several lobsters were stolen from a shed at the restaurant operated by Mrs. Martha Creamer. The break occurred Thursday night and was reported to the sheriff’s department yesterday. A padlock on the shed door was smashed, according to Acting Sheriff Leonard A. Gagne.

25 years ago, 1983

AUGUSTA – Maine liquor shoppers will be allowed to charge their purchases with credit cards in some state stores starting Friday, when dozens of laws passed during the last legislative session take effect.

Guy Marcotte, director of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages, said use of the cards is being phased in. “It can’t be done all at one time,” he said. “We’ll hit the big stores right off and then go through all the system.”

Most of the laws passed during the 100-day session that ended in late June take effect 90 days after the close of the session. That day falls on Friday.

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