SUMNER – Fire Chief Bob Stewart told selectmen Tuesday that he thought the cleared area behind the Town Office was nearly ready for LifeFlight for use.

“They can land anywhere. We don’t have to spend a lot to prepare,” Stewart said. “We have cut the trees and brought in fill. Now all we need is to smooth it out, put in gravel and tar the surface. The Fire Department can use it for a training deck and we won’t have to deal with FAA regulations.”

Wilda Dunham from the fire auxiliary, who has raised money for the project, disagreed with Stewart. “The surface needs cement.”

Selectman Mary Ann Haxton said she had spoken with Dennis Small from LifeFlight and he said a LifeFlight representative would be willing to come and meet with the board and offer advice on what is needed.

Selectman Mark Silber said because the pad is on town land, they should determine what should be done to make it safe and usable for LifeFight. The board agreed to invite someone from LifeFlight to a meeting.

Stewart also told selectmen he is checking out a tanker that he located in Georgia that may fit the town’s needs at a cost of $150,000. The town had approved his request for the money in 2007, but the money wasn’t used. The truck under consideration proved unavailable. “The town tanker is nearly unusable,” he said.

He also reported that the pump on Engine 1 was repaired for less than the budgeted amount.

Considerable time was spent discussing the condition of the Waterman house on Front Street. Owner Dwayne Waterman has been charged with the murders of Timothy Mayberry and Todd Smith of West Paris and is in jail awaiting trial.

Code Enforcement Officer Sid Abbot said he had spoken to Waterman’s parents and they were in the process of cleaning up the grounds. He thought the town should wait before sending violation notices. The Department of Environmental Protection has already sent a letter citing violations.

Stewart said they need to inspect the chimneys, which the fire department has already condemned. Abbot says they should get permission to enter the house to inspect. He added that he was told by the parents that Community Concepts was coming to see what could be done to make the inside livable for the winter.

Dan Jack came to the meeting to address a letter saying his road had been listed as a driveway and was not to be cared for by the town. “Why are you making my road a driveway?” Jack asked. “I can’t maintain that road. Since 1790 it has been maintained.”

Silber said that roads were listed in 1988 on a road ordinance and his was not listed. The ordinance was written by a group of longtime residents and they agreed that the road was left off of a list of town roads. One of the problems is the road actually has no name, but has been maintained. The road to the Greenhouse is Jack Road and the one under discussion is off to the side.

David Bragg said the town had worked on that road with federal funds and for the town to avoid legal costs, they should put the road on the list of town ways.

Silber said the letter was not personal, but Jack said a phone call would have been nice. “The letter was like a slap in the face,” Jack said.

Silber set a date of Oct. 14 for a special town meeting to correct the ordinance.

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