A Lewiston man tells the story of a traveler thru Webster the last week who tried at every house he came to between the hours of eleven and one o’clock to secure a dinner for himself and water for his horse. The invariable reply to his request was, “We can give you some dinner, but we can’t water your horse!” And in one instance this answer was made with the additional statement, significant in its indication of the effects of the drouth, “Water is so scarce here, there hasn’t been a dish washed in the house for the last six weeks!” It is needless to say that the traveler did not take dinner there.

50 years ago, 1958

A moose, which apparently does not like automobiles, came out on top yesterday afternoon when it attacked a car on the Waterman Road in Auburn.

George A. Berthiaume, of Waterman Road, told police last night of the episode.

Berthiaume said he was driving westerly when he spotted the moose ahead of him. He said he stopped his car, the moose looked back, then turned and charged the stopped 1956 heavy station wagon. The animal hit the right front fender causing damage estimated at $15. Then the moose ambled off into the woods.

25 years ago, 1983

The Lewiston School Committee Tuesday approved preliminary plans for a modern cafeteria and kitchen for Lewiston Junior High School. The facility boasts features such as salad bars, octagonal tables, booths and a centralized kitchen that splits the dining area into two separate sections.

The project carries an estimated cost of $295,000, about half of which already has been budgeted.

The area where the cafeteria will be located is the existing industrial arts area of the junior high school.

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