It seems a pity that an institution which is doing so worthy a work as the Children’s Home in Lewiston, should be used as a cat’s paw, so to speak, by those who are apparently getting their bread and butter by “doing” the public.

Ever since the home was started there has been more or less trouble with persons who have solicited, here and there, saying the funds were to be turned over to the Children’s Home. These women have been unauthorized and funds from them have never been forthcoming.

Let it be stated that no person who is authorized to solicit for the Children’s Home in Lewiston is sent out unless provided with a book bearing the names of the officers and with pictures of the Home.

50 years ago, 1958

Many people in the Lewiston trading area never knew a Lumber and Building Material establishment existed on Highland Spring Road, just off Sabattus Street near Thorne’s Corner. But since the opening of the Lumber Supermarket, people come from all parts of Androscoggin County and even towns in New Hampshire to visit and buy materials in this most up-to-date Lumber yard.

If you haven’t seen this modern building materials Supermarket, hitch up the old mare and come on down, you will like it. If you have a building problem you can get free professional advice.

25 years ago, 1983

Secretaries ranked second on a list of the 12 most stressful occupations, according to a study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

To learn how to deal with that tension, Dirigo Resources Inc. of Brunswick is offering a one-day workshop titled “Stress Management for Secretaries and Clerical Personnel” on Oct. 21 at the Homestead Restaurant in Lewiston.

Participants in the workshop will learn what they can do to reduce the stress of their jobs.Some of the topics covered include time-management techniques, clarifying responsibilities and assertiveness skills. The program concludes with a look at steps to prevent burnout.

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