Cancer can be cured at home by the Electro Magnette Absorbent method. All pains and odor annihilated inside of 24 hours, and a perfect cure in a short time.

This method is not new but has been in use since the beginning of time. The Ancients applied mineral earth and the Indians now use it to absorb all poisons. A few years ago our Hospitals and Physicians used dry clay for this purpose. Why did they abandon it? Perhaps they thought the knife better, but this is not so.

We have used this method successfully for more than 30 years, with hundreds of permanent cures. For the past two years I have worked day and night to perfect a home cure, and now it is completed and thoroughly tested. This will be furnished with full instructions very reasonably. Enclose one stamp for booklet giving full and clear descriptions. The Electropathic Institute, 106 Main St., Auburn. Nearly opposite the Postoffice.

50 years ago, 1958

Assignments for four new Lewiston school traffic guides were announced yesterday by Police Chief Roland C. Amnott. They are Mrs. Lorraine Cyr, to be stationed at Middle and Oak Streets for Dingley school traffic; Mrs. Gemma Bernier, Blake and Walnut streets, serving St. Patrick’s and St. Peter’s parochial schools; Mrs. Eleanor Delisle, Bates and Spruce streets, serving St. Patrick’s and St. Peter’s parochial schools along with Coburn school; and Mrs. Germaine Parotta, East Avenue and Lisbon Street, for Martel school traffic.

Chief Amnott said the new guides will be on the job in about 10 days or two weeks. He said their uniforms are on order. Addition of four new guides brings the total number serving this part-time traffic program near the schools to eight.

25 years ago, 1983

Maine’s new law mandating the restraint with safety harnesses of children riding in automobiles took effect Sept 23, but for the next six months, police will give only warnings to motorists who don’t comply.

“You have an orientation period to get people used to the law before you start whacking them with penalties,” explained Androscoggin County District Attorney Janet T. Mills.

She said people also must be given time to make the investment in safety seats, which sometimes can be expensive. Maine is the seventh state in the nation to pass legislation that recognizes the state’s responsibility for promoting child passenger protection.

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