AUGUSTA – Making soil soup and exploring how to quarry granite are just two of the many activities that will be offered on Earth Science Day, Wednesday, Oct. 22, at the Maine State Museum.

The museumwide celebration of the various earth sciences will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free.

Exhibits, some interactive, cover an array of the Earth’s resources and treasures.

Dr. Paula Work, museum curator of zoology, will present “Ice Age Finds,” a look at the giant megafauna found in Maine. Items from the Maine State Museum’s collection include the remains of the Scarborough mammoth and a mastodon tusk dredged up from the Gulf of Maine.

For those interested in Pleistocene era mammals, cast replicas of the actual walrus skull and bearded seal remains will be available for a “please touch” experience. Other topics for exploration include minerals and gems, hydrology and pottery making.

The goal of Earth Science Day is to remind people that earth science is all around us, and to encourage responsible stewardship of the planet.

For more information or to schedule a school group visit, call Marion Smith at 287-2301.

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