LEWISTON – Grover State Farm Sr. Lions advanced to the FLY championship game with a 15-14 overtime victory over Lisbon St. Getty Mart Sr. Redskins.

Daqjuan Adams, Matt Hudson, Ace Curry and Nathan Mercier led the effort for the Lions. William Adams notched a six-yard TD run for the Redskins, with Joey Gonzalez rushing for the two-point conversion. Brendan Duguay also scored his first TD of the season for the ‘Skins in OT.

Gonzalez, Adams, Sabin Lavorgna and Tyler Palmer topped the Getty Mart defense. Palmer, Chad Hinkley and Ryan Jones each recovered fumbles.

DRL Flooring Sr. Steelers also advanced to the FLY Senior championship game, defeating Twins Variety Sr. Giants.

In the Junior division, Northeast Athletics Jr. Redskins advanced to the final with a thrilling, 25-19 victory over Don Morin’s Photography Jr. Lions in double-overtime.

Jason Gonzalez, Nathan Albert, Chad Dumais and Christopher Cone led the ‘Skins offensive attack. Darius Phillips rushed for 257 yards and all three Lions touchdowns behidn a strong offensive line. Other offensive standouts were Julian Paines with a two-point conversion, Josh Kobel, Colby Bilodeau, Peter Flaherty and brothers Isaac and Tyson Cote. Defensively, Nickolas Harnden, Desmond Jackson and Phillips showed the way for the Lions.

B&R Flooring Jr. Steelers earned the right to face the Redskins by knocking off Grimmel’s Gas-Up Jr. Giants. Nick Kelly, Trevor Gagnon, Brandon Marquis, Jacob McBride, Ben Bolduc, K.J. Edwards, Tyler Marquis and Bryan Wagg each contributed to the Steelers’ offense.

Isaac Escobar scored a pair of touchdowns, with Garrett Poussard and Jaznel Burns also hitting paydirt. Brandon Marquis, Wagg and Gagnon headlined the Steelers’ defense.

Ethan Hoffay and Gage Cote both scored for the Giants. Alex Demers also contributed heavily on offense. Tanner Sturgis and Keegan Voss showcased tough defense.

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