Editor’s note: October is the Month of the Young Adolescent. Students at Bruce M. Whittier Middle School created the following pieces of writing to express their feelings about the middle school experience.

What being a middle schooler means to me is being treated as an adult. It’s not easy, but at times it’s fun! The homework is a hassle. Also, there are friend problems, like she likes him and he likes her and she likes this other guy. It’s hard to keep up, but my advice – be yourself. Act and dress how you want (within reason) because there is always somebody out there who will like your real personality.

Middle school will be easy if you just be yourself and love who you are. Also, if you pay attention in class and try your best, and work hard, you will have no problem in middle school!

I used to be scared of high schoolers.

Now I’m not afraid.

I used to do poorly in science.

Now I’m trying hard to succeed.

I used to only have one friend.

Now I have many.

I used to hate chorus.

Now I enjoy singing.

I used to be scared of middle school.

Now I never want to leave.

Middle school is the color yellow.

It sounds like kids talking.

It tastes like a sour patch kid

and smells like cologne and sweat.

School looks like an endless sea of kids.

It makes you worried and relieved.

The bell dings

I scurry to class

Trying hard to pass

Lockers shutting, slamming, banging

Rushing room to room; children flying

Middle school rush!

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