Three hundred thousand tiny salmon, destined to become the future prey of big fish catchers all over this part of the state, are being shipped from the Lake Auburn fish hatchery to restock ponds and lakes wherever wanted. They must all be in the water by the last of next month.

Wednesday a lot of 4,000 were hauled to Lewiston and started on their way to Warren, while Monday another 4,000 went to Boothbay where they will stock a pond there.

Ten thousand have been put into Upper and Lower Range pond in East Poland, and 5,000 each in Tripp Pond and Sabbathday Lake. Some of the ponds of Oxford County will take 75,000, 50,000 will go to Phillips Wednesday, and others to Wilton.

50 years ago, 1958

Androscoggin County Fish and Game Association held a regular general meeting at its Fish Hatchery clubhouse, Turner Road, last evening. Principal item of business was the hunter’s breakfast which will be served at the clubhouse Saturday morning.

Advance sale of tickets indicate a record turnout for the event and the committee in charge has doubled the number of cooks from 11 to 22 and assures all sportsmen interested in attending of reasonably fast service.

The committee also made it clear that members of the fair sex will be welcome.

25 years ago, 1983

Residents of the area who receive Social Security benefits can reap several advantages by taking part in the direct deposit program and have their checks deposited in an account in a financial institution, says Perry Munroe, Social Security field representative in Lewiston-Auburn.

Checks are sent directly to a checking or savings account in a bank, savings institution, credit union or other financial institution, rather than to the person’s home.

Some advantages are:

• A person does not have to be home to get the check. The money will be immediately available in an account.

• There is no worry about the check being lost or stolen.

• There is no need to stand in line to cash or deposit the check.

• It is safer to keep money in an account rather than at home or on one’s person.

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