PARIS – Voters on Tuesday enacted an ordinance to increase protection of the Hall Pond watershed.

The law was approved 1,704 to 860, with 261 blanks.

The measure will increase restrictions on the 50-acre pond while balancing its use as a public water source for Hebron and a popular fishing spot. The pond is managed by the Hebron Water Co. and serves approximately 35 to 38 customers in Paris and Hebron.

The company already bans bodily contact with the water or the use of cars and trucks on winter ice.

Under the new ordinance, ice fishing shacks will not be allowed on the pond, although ice fishing may continue. Boats with internal combustion engines will be prohibited, though boats with electric motors are allowed.

A boat ramp at the pond will be gated to prevent the possible spread of invasive plants from trailer-launched boats, and all boats on the pond will be hand-launched. The company plans to install a seasonal floating dock to aid hand-launching, as well as new parking spaces and a toilet facility.

The restrictions will be enforced by the Paris Police Department.

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