CALAIS (AP) – A rolling caravan of carts pushed by a man and a woman claiming to have traveled 2,400 miles from Miami is creating a spectacle along U.S. 1 in Maine and raising questions as to why the two are heading north as winter approaches.

The man and woman, who were in Calais on Thursday, have 1,000 pounds of belongings in the three carts, including clothes, children’s toys and an American flag.

The two declined to identify themselves to a Bangor Daily News reporter, but Calais police gave their names as 58-year-old Christopher James and 38-year-old Rebecca Yunk.

James said they were walking for fallen soldiers and get their food from “good” people.

He said they were trying to get into a foreign country, but denied that it was Canada, which is across the St. John River from Calais.

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