I think that there should be peace and unity in this world. I feel like there’s too much violence and hatred going on in this world and people forget to show compassion towards each other. I see bullying in schools, and there’s violence in the streets and in stores. There is also violence on TV, like in the news or in movies, that promote hatred. If there is peace and unity in this world, there won’t be any violence.

The Unity Project was a program I enjoyed because it has taught me so many things. I’ve learned to be considerate of others and show respect. Another thing I have learned is to help other people when they need it. This program helps stop bullies in school so that there won’t be violence. It helps people verbalize to help themselves if they are in a situation.

Everybody of different cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds should come together one day, getting along with each other and appreciating each other. In that one day, we could talk about how to prevent hatred and violence in this nation and talk about staying together. We could also talk about the things that bother us the most, for example, bias towards another culture or religion. Also, we could talk about how each person as an individual can make a difference in ending violence and hatred and the impact that it will make. Also, we could talk about dreams that we have for this country. We can have a town meeting in which everyone would come together and discuss problems in the community.

I think coming together and talking about those kinds of things with each other would make a huge impact in this world. People would appreciate that they had the chance to end violence and hatred. Once everyone saw that coming together can make a difference in this world, everyone would feel relieved and happy that this one day had brought an end to violence and bias towards other people with different backgrounds. We would live in a world where there is peace and happiness. We as a people can make a difference right away and start to accomplish this goal.

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