100 years ago, 1908

Johnny Lynch of Cambridge, Mass., fighter of so many fistic battles that he has forgotten their number, arrived in Lewiston on Wednesday prepared to take a fall out of Tommy Bergen, whom he meets in City Hall on Thursday evening. Lynch’s attitude would indicate that Bergen is due for a licking, for Lynch is no man to surrender his reputation to the Lewiston boy.

Lynch is small, looks lighter than Bergen, and is well dressed, quiet to the extreme, and pleasant.

50 years ago, 1958

Roselyn M. Donnell of 425 Turner St. won the “26 Men” contest sponsored recently by WCSH-TV. She had to write a paper on “Why I would like to be on the show ’26 Men’.” She will receive a round trip to Phoenix, Ariz., where the television show is filmed on location and will appear in a forthcoming episode of the series.

25 years ago, 1983

Androscoggin County Building offices which have been vacated in the last two months because of potential health hazards are ready for tenants to move in, according to the County Commission chairman.

Bureau of Labor Standards representatives inspected the Androscoggin County Building last summer and found a number of safety hazards, including the presence of loose asbestos fibers in the basement.

Now, three months later, County Commission Chairman Carol S. Boyce says all but one of the safety hazards have been eliminated, and portions of the building that were emptied because of asbestos are now safe.

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