What a year, what a year. It’s good-bye Steve & Barry’s, hello Petco in Auburn. A loooong election (remind us, is it over yet?) Economic twitches and twitters aplenty. Too many superhero movies to count. And “Saturday Night Live” is popular again? Crazy!

One thing that hasn’t changed: Greater L-A, we want to hear from you on the year in retail. Please take the poll below, give us your thoughts, and we’ll share results in our annual retail package Dec. 7.

1a. Describe your shopping mood this year:

a) Rosy. Spend, spend, spend!

b) Happy restraint. Plan, budget, shop.

c) Tepid. Definitely more discount stores.

d) Glum. What shopping?

1b. How come you’re feeling that way?


2. When you don’t stay local to shop, do you go to:

a) Portland/South Portland

b) Augusta

c) Outlets (Kittery, Freeport)

d) Online, baby – that’s where it’s at

3. We have to ask every year: What, if any, retail are you still pining for in L-A? (Limit your wants to three, please.)


4. Pretend the retail scene is something like “Survivor.” For a new player to join, someone’s got to be sent off the island. What would you like to go away? (Limit castaways to three, please.)


5. Your predictions for the local retail scene in 2009?

a) Fantastic! The boom is coming and it’s coming soon.

b) Well, things can’t get any worse.

c) No, things can get worse. And better. And worse. The rollercoaster ride will continue.

d) Eight words: Going out-of-business sale of the month.

Clip and either bring this into the Sun Journal or mail it to: Retail Survey, c/o the Sun Journal, 104 Park St., Lewiston ME 04243. Please include your name, hometown and phone number. (Name won’t be used unless we contact you first for approval.)

Or go to sunjournal.com and click on Annual SJ Rockin’ Retail Survey on the home page to fill it out online. Responses due by Nov. 25.

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