BETHEL – Senior players will return for their sixth seasonal performance on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Nov. 23, at 2:30 p.m. at the McLaughlin Science Center Trustees Auditorium, Gould Academy, Church Street, Bethel. Many of the members have been with the senior players since Western Mountains Senior College started the popular course three years ago.

Director Lynn Arizzi, who has been leading the troupe since the group started, said she is proud of how the players have developed into outstanding thespians. “Not only do we have a loyal following for our performances,” she said, “but the players are involved in their characters and love every minute of it.”

Arizzi has had 35 years experience with musical productions and plays and makes an effort to select the plays which will bring out the best talents of the players. She said the players carry their scripts with them, which makes senior players different from regular theater groups. However, they have been rehearsing since mid-September following stage directions and developing their characters.

Eighteen players will present their talents among 10 comedy and serious skits when they perform this fall. These include the following:

“Ladies of the Mop” by Aurand Harris is the delightful story of four talented cleaning ladies – Annie, Mattie, Bessie and Hallie – told in rhyme which features Rosabelle Tifft, Roberta Taylor, Tineke Ouwinga and Carole Timberlake. As they mop the theater stage after a performance, they share their own secret talents.

“Late Date” by Jack Neary features two couples, Joe Arizzi as Jim and Joanne Morse as Carrie who are 20-something and their mother and father, Mary Colbath as Alice and Ross Timberlake as Walter who are 50-something. Frustrations arise between Jim and Carrie when their parents decide to date.

“The Old Folks” by Carole Burnett is a sketch about Molly and Bert, which takes place on the front porch in their rocking chairs. Lynn Mason and Walter Brough are the actors.

“”Papyrus Found on Mount Ararat” by Jules Tasca is the story of Noah and his ark as told through the eyes of his loving wife, played by Arita Zitoli and his disgruntled mother-in-law, played by Mary-Ellen Gartner.

The entire cast will be featured in “The Code of the West” by Michael Kilgarriff. This unusual melodrama told by a poet takes place in an old West saloon and is mimed by the cast.

“Georgie and Sass” by Jenny Laird is the story of Sass played by Lorrie Hoeh who has cancer and her roommate, Georgie, played by Sharon Lyon. This piece results in a humerous and unusual confrontation in the kitchen.

“The Tooth Hurts” by David S. Raine features Leigh Dickinson as a tooth fairy, who is retiring after 400 years of service. Read Dickinson is studying to be her replacement. Carol Campbell also appears.

“Boy Toy” by Kim Kelly is the story of Boo played by Mary-Ellen Gartner who loves to buy things advertised on television. Her latest acquisition is Cha Cha, a robot played by Carol Campbell. Sharon Lyon plays Boo’s disapproving niece. Lynn Mason, Karen Paul and Walter Brough are the television actors.

“The Family Jewels” by Andy Gregg features Joe Arizzi and Arita Zitoli as Lord and Lady Twitchwell whose jewels are stolen right under the nose of the famous Shirley Holmes played by Tineke Ouwinga. There are several suspects: Tex played by Ross Timberlake, Sheik Abdul by Joanne Morse, Fifi LeFleur by Carole Timberlake, Madam Hu by Mary Colbath, Miss Rottweiler by Lorrie Hoeh, Egbert by Roberta Taylor and Polly by Polly.

The public is invited and admission is free. However, donations will be accepted to help defray the cost of royalties for plays. For more information, contact Lynn Arizzi at 824-0080.

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