100 years ago, 1908

The goose bone prognosticators are busy, and according to the indications gleaned from the breast bone of that foolish bird, we are in for a winter of snow – much snow – and ice and intense cold, in fact, a good old fashioned Maine winter.

The goose bone, according to the old-time weather prophets, is one of the sure indications of weather to come, and he who is wise to the differences of color and structure, can tell the lumbermen whether or not they will have sledding for their logs.

Those who have observed the migration of the birds, and the actions of the woods beasts, corroborate the goose bone prophesy and say that the signs point to a rough winter.

50 years ago, 1958

The Lewiston-Auburn Transit Co., whose operators and maintenance men have threatened to walk off their jobs at the end of the month, in an effort to win wage hikes, has petitioned the Maine Public Utilities Commission for a five-cent fare increase and for a discontinuance of some night service.

PUC Chairman Thomas E. Delahanty confirmed the company’s move last night, when questioned.

Delahanty reported that a hearing date has not been set although the proposal will be aired in the near future

25 years ago, 1983

A new pilot program to prevent developmental disabilities, using education as a weapon, has been formed in Lewiston.

Prevention is the key to the Western Maine Developmental Disabilities Project, which began Monday. Developmental disabilities can be eliminated or lessened if the public has the right information, says Glenn Griswald, director of the program.

The project will be run for one year. In November of 1984 the Developmental Disabilities Council in Augusta, which is sponsoring the program, will then decide how effective the education program has been and whether to continue and/or extend it.

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