Maude Shea was seated in the lap of a married man, two other women well known to the police, and two other men were present and all appeared to be having a jollification when Capt. Maliar and Officers Vaughan and Jolicoeur called at her room the other night.

The married man’s name was Pelletier. His wife had complained to the police that he was spending too much time with the Shea woman to the neglect of his family of small children, one of whom was then dangerously ill with pneumonia.

Capt. Maliar testified that Pelletier was sent to the marshal’s office for a lecture and that Maude was taken into custody. On the way to the police station she offered to give him $10 if he’d let her go, under which conditions she promised to leave the State and never give the police any more trouble.

50 years ago, 1958

Deputy Everett Williams of the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department will attempt today to capture five puppies, who it is feared by Turner residents will become a nuisance and a menace to children.

The puppies were born in a fox hole and are very wild.

The sheriff’s department has been in contact with the Turner dog officer and Mrs Hortense Stevens, the county humane agent. A mixture to be given the dogs in their food today is expected to stupefy the animals sufficiently so that they may be captured and taken to the animal shelter.

25 years ago, 1983

A prize cow raised by a Turner farming syndicate was sold for more than a half-million dollars at a New York Holstein auction Tuesday.

The Pocahontis Syndicate sold the only cow it brought to the Madison Square Garden auction, Dream Street Rorae-Pocahontis, for $530,000. The buyer was listed only as Ogden of Stamford, Conn.

One of the partners in the Pocahontis Syndicate, Steve Briggs of Turner, said Wednesday night that such high prices for a cow are rare, but this was an exceptional animal.

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