Homework is the type of thing we all have to do. Usually, it’s in more than one class, so it’s very time consuming. But the question is, why do we do it?

Homework, in some teachers’ eyes, is very important. It will help you learn to be responsible for when you get a job. But there are teachers out there who think homework is pointless. They think that if it can get done in class, the students don’t have to do it at home.

But here’s the question: is homework necessary? Well, some people like doing their homework; it gives them a challenge. Then there are kids who don’t do it because they don’t care that it gets done. But homework is really more important than you think, especially if it’s worth a big part of your grade. Even if it is just worth between 10% and 20%. It adds up much faster than you think.

So if your teacher gives you homework, it’s better to get it done rather than waiting until the last minute, because most likely it will help you later on.

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