n Yul Brynner received a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as the King of Siam in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “The King and I,” but that performance wasn’t exactly “flawless.” At the beginning of the song “It’s a Puzzlement” Brynner is wearing an earring. During the song, it disappears, then it reappears.

n Many sports fans are aware there were many sports at which Mildred “Babe” Didrikson excelled. But she had other non-sport talents as well. Didrikson won the sewing championship at the 1931 Texas State Fair. She had musical gifts, too, playing the harmonica and singing.

When you’re next in Madrid, be sure to stop by the Museum of Ham, which is devoted to:

A) Lunch

B) Bad acting

C) Pig farming

D) Amateur radio

Tuesday’s answer: Lincoln bought his Springfield, Ill., home in 1844.

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