Tripp Middle School has been a powerhouse in the East Division losing three games in three years and dominating a tough football division.

The coach of Tripp,s team is coach Jim Hersom. He stresses image more than anything and how that means how your school pictures you, your teachers and your community all looks at you. If some kid’s books fall, you stop and help them pick them up or if a teacher needs help then you stay and help when you do something good, the people around you say, “Oh that must have been a football player.” Another thing he stresses is winning and what it means to win. You win in the classroom, you win within your school walls, you win at home in your community. You feel like a winner and you win on the Scoreboard.

Tripp has lost in the championship two years in a row to the Brunswick Dragons. Tripp plays a varsity and junior varsity system so any outstanding seventh graders can get the nod and play varsity.

Even with Tripp’s 1-3 varsity start, they’re still a dangerous team and all their losses (varsity) have been or could have been one touchdown games. Now having Tyson Nichols back after a finger injury, the Tigers look to be a good playoff caliber team with only a few games remaining.

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