Did you ever think that something you do everyday could help save lives? That everyday thing is walking. Just two weeks ago, on Sunday, October 19, 18 of my family and friends walked five miles to raise money to benefit Breast Cancer research. The Walk took place in Concord, New Hampshire, the hometown of my Aunt. She was the leader of our group. The name of our group was Grammy’s Gaiters. Our family walked in memory of my grandmother, Marilyn McGee, who died four years ago after battling breast cancer for 10 years.

The Walk was called Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Through my personal efforts, this Advocate reporter raised $75, and with the combined efforts of our team we raised $2,000.

A total of 180 teams participated in the Walk this year. According to the officials of Making Stride, in all, $560,000 was raised which was more than last year’s amount of $500,000.

I plan to walk again next year and raise even more money. According to the National Cancer Society, each year one out of nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer. If more people participated in events like this walk, the sooner a cure for Cancer could be found. Walking, it is an everyday thing.

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