The weather is changing and the days are getting shorter, which means the holiday season is just around the corner. As you prepare to host family and friends, now is the time to dust off those old decorations and to consider some simple ideas to add a festive feel to your home this year.

“The holiday season is a special time for families,” says Ashleigh Sala, Dremel associate product manager. “Whether baking cookies, wrapping gifts or decorating our homes, the holidays seem to bring out the creative spirit in all of us.”

If you have a busy schedule or a small budget, you can still find inspiration to decorate for the holidays. By following a few simple instructions, these inexpensive, decorative projects can add a special touch to your home:


Decorating a wreath is an easy at-home project that will highlight your front door for the holidays. To create a unique wreath, you will need to gather your materials, including a fresh pine bough wreath, garland, ribbon, pinecones and berries. The first step is to wrap ribbon around the wreath gluing every four inches to secure. Try the Dremel Glue Gun to prevent drips and to keep your work area clean. Next, wrap garland around the wreath gluing every four inches to secure. Then, glue a variety of pinecones and berries in place around the frame to give it a festive look. The final step is to attach a wire loop on the back of the wreath using picture wire. Once this is done, adorn your front door with your new masterpiece.


During the holidays, your fireplace mantle is the perfect place to add festive decorations. It is the one area in your home that will get a lot of attention. Most people decorate their mantle with garland, but consider adding lights and bows to brighten it up. In addition to decorative garland, include eye catching ornaments or even candles. Remember, your mantle is the centerpiece of your room, so choose colors that complement your decor for a fresh look.


Making a holiday centerpiece is a fun activity that can help spruce up your table with little effort. Start with a wicker basket and glue pine branches or garland in the bottom of the basket, lining the basket. Then, arrange an assortment of artificial fruit or holiday ornaments over the pine branches or garland. Once you have the look that you want, lift each piece of fruit or holiday ball carefully and glue back in to position. After the fruit or ornaments are in place, add accents such as candy canes, berries or even small pinecones to liven it up. Finish the centerpiece by tying a ribbon into a bow and gluing it to the front of the basket. Your table will be ready for a joyful holiday meal.

Coffee table

To highlight your coffee table, gather a decorative tray, tiny holiday ornaments, holiday ribbon and various sized pillar candles. Arrange the candles on the tray in an asymmetrical pattern. Fill the spaces with the ornaments, weave the ribbon among the tray and light the candles for a soft and portable ambiance.

Candy dish

Candy plays a central role in most holiday celebrations, so embrace it by making a large, decorative, candy dish to put on display in your home. First, glue candy canes, side-by-side to the outside of a terra cotta pot. For extra sparkle, add other decorations such as beads or ornaments. Then, wrap a ribbon around the pot and tie in a bow. After the candy canes are in position and the ribbon is secure, fill the pot with an assortment of wrapped candy for guests to enjoy. Remember, you may have to refill the dish on several occasions.

For more creative at-home projects, visit or call the Dremel Experts at (800) 437-3635. – Courtesy of ARAcontent.

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