Some of the engines on the Maine Central have recently been equipped with electric headlights, to the satisfaction of those thinking people who have always wondered why, with all the wonderful modern equipment of railroading, firemen still have to crawl out along the boiler to touch a match to the old kerosene headlight. The new headlights are controlled from the cab and throw an intense white light like a steamship’s searchlight that clearly defines objects a third of a mile or more away and enables the engineer to see semaphore arms, even should the lights be out.

50 years ago, 1958

The merger of two Lewiston wholesale confectionery and tobacco firms, the Polep Candy and Tobacco Co. and the Benson and Sullivan Co., was announced last night by Samuel Smullin, president of the latter firm who will head the new company.

The two companies, to go under the name of the Benson and Sullivan Co., will move into a new warehouse at 1531 Lisbon St. within two weeks. Charles Polep, president of the Polep firm, will be associated with the new business.

25 years ago, 1983

The Bonney Youth Network will hold a baked bean supper Saturday to benefit a youth hotline for the Lewiston Auburn area. The hotline will be operated by youth and available to all area youth for answers to any kind of questions.

“We expect to receive questions about relationships, family problems, substance abuse and adolescent pregnancy,” said BYN Youth Council Chairman Chris Thomas. The hotline is expected to begin operation in December or January and needs many volunteers, both adult and youth. All the funds for the hotline have been raised by area youth.

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