Ad: Hub Steam Heaters are uniform heaters. Just the same every day, not cranky one day and all right the next, but all right every day.

Anyone can run the Hub. It’s as easy to manage as a parlor stove, and almost automatic in its operation. It’s built first to give quick steam and give it continuously if desired. Then comes ease of handling and last but equally important – economy in fuel. It will surprise you to see how little coal you will shovel into a Hub Steam Heater during the season.

Call and let us show it to you and give you our new pamphlet on heating.

J. H. Chase CO., Agents for Lewiston, 191 Lisbon St.

50 years ago, 1958

With four ambulance calls and several other requests for its facilities, the Allied Medical Service of Lewiston opened for business yesterday. Operated by John Forrest and William A. Bruce, the firm is located at 53 Middle St.

Presently employing six workers, the concern offers funeral and ambulance service, with hospital bed and equipment rental. The service received four calls for ambulance service during the day, both from individuals and local doctors. The firm was also called upon for two removals, and has five separate funeral services scheduled Wednesday.

25 years ago, 1983

The Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport early next year will be treated to a new set of lights, courtesy of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport Manager Jeffrey A. Gongoll told the airport board of directors Thursday that the new system, which will have more towers and brighter lights, will be installed some time in January.

Although there have been no problems with the existing lights, Gongoll said, the new lights are safer because they are brighter. Pilots will be able to see and land on the runway more easily, especially in foul weather.

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