n Hovering: “Ben spent the next few days hovering between guilt, resentment and doubt.” (wavering)

n Meager: “Okay, he said, mentally reviewing his meager wardrobe.” (scanty, sparse)

n Proverbial: “He felt like the proverbial sore thumb, sticking out all over.” (well-known)

n Decal: “…a uniformed officer checked the decal on the car…” (sticker)

n Kiosks: “A long line had already formed at the red-and-white ticket kiosks.” (booths)

n Monitor: “Each box had four to six chairs … and a monitor for watching the action.” (TV for observation)


1. How would Mr. Brennan respond if Ben told him his fears? Would he take him seriously?

2. How important is Gogo’s race?

3. What is the dress code for race time? How important are the right clothes in certain situations?

4. How does Ben fit in with the racing crowd? Describe a time when you were in a situation where you felt like Ben does.

5. In this chapter Ben takes every little noise or statement made as directed against him. Find examples and explain. Have you ever felt this way?

6.What could the cell phone call mean? Do you think that Ben will get his wish?

The newspaper connection

1. There is a saying, “Clothes make the man.” How does that saying apply to this chapter of our story?

2. Use the newspaper to analyze the affect of dress on making an impression. How does dress change according to the setting/circumstances?

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