Q: How do you feel about the loss of funding for the AP Exams this school year and having to pay the costs for your tests?

Caitlin Ramsay


A: My thoughts about paying the costs for the AP exams this year is that it is not good for students who take AP classes. Some students cannot afford to pay for the tests themselves.

Brooke Merritt


A: I probably won’t be able to take the tests this year because with all the other stuff I have to pay for there is not enough money to afford the tests. I think the funding should never have been cut.

Brianna Stewart


A: I don’t want to take the test because it is a waste of money and I think we should not pay for a test that we are not guaranteed receiving a college credit by paying for the test.

Megan Samson


A: I understand why we have to pay due to the tight budget. Some colleges will not accept the credit, if a certain score is not achieved. I think because we have to pay for the exam, we should not be required to take them.

Josh Ward


A: I find it surprising that we have to pay. I was just told we need to pay for the test. I think we should only have to pay for one test if we are taking multiple classes.

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