WhenI first moved here to Maine, I had to start a whole new lifestyle. I had to make new friends, go to a new school, but most of all, I had a new home. It became the first day of first grade and I was worried that no one would like me. I got on the bus and left my home, ready to go to the new school. I sat by myself because I didn’t know anyone at all. Then this girl came on and she told me her name was Alisha Bowden and that she lived just down the road from me. I was glad that I finally met someone, I wouldn’t have to feel so lonely.

We were almost at school and the bus driver had to make just one more stop. Then this girl came on the bus, she looked about the same age as Alisha and I. She also sat down with us. She said hi to Alisha and I and we were off to school. We got to the school and I found my teacher outside. The girl who had just got on the bus was also in my class; I hoped that she would be nice.

It was time to go in and I was glad because that meant that I could meet the mysterious girl. I sat down next to the mysterious girl and Alisha. The teacher, Mrs. Monroe, said that we were going to color a picture with our crayons and then we would talk about what’s going on today. I was coloring and the mysterious girl flipped over my crayon box. She said, “Oh my gosh! We have the same exact crayon box!” I looked at hers, then at mine; we did have the same crayon box.

For that whole day, we hung out and she told me about Maine and the school. She said her name was Holly. Holly became one of my close friends and we called each other on the phone to sing songs. Holly turned out to be my second friend I met in Maine, but my first best friend ever.

For the rest of the school year we hung out outside at recess and always were partners in class. She was also invited to my birthday party.

It became summer vacation so fast that I didn’t want to part with Holly. We both hoped that we would be in the same class the next year. We both thought that if we were in different classes we wouldn’t be able to see each other. The next year I got back on the bus. I couldn’t wait until the last stop because that was Holly’s stop. We stopped and picked her up; of course she sat with me. I asked her who was her teacher and she said, “Mrs. McCarthey” and I had jumped for joy! That was my teacher’s name also! We got off the bus and met our teacher and waited for the other buses to come. About half way through school, I was having a bad day, so during writing time I wrote about how I felt. I passed in my story and at the end of the day Mrs. McCarthey said, “We have two ‘sad bag’ stories – one from Jennifer, and one from Holly.”

We both read our stories and they were about the same! I knew she was a true friend. I was also surprised that we were the only two that had a bad day. We also wrote about the same thing (kind of).

Ever since that first day of first grade, I have had a true best friend who I can trust, believe, and can be myself around. I have also found out that we have so much in common these days and share the same interest. We do sound like good friends, but even my mom said we could probably pass as sisters because we are the same everything! Size, weight, and height.

Writing this story helped me realize what a good friend I have and I should keep. How much Holly means to me could make a whole other story, and when she reads this she will probably remember all the good times we had and even the most recent. Forcing me to see the llamas and me thinking that they were going to eat my face off, a good laugh. Making a huge cookie snowman. Putting make-up on like we had black eyes, and my favorite – chasing after the sheep. She also got me to go in the sheep pen and pet the sheep!

As people say, through thick and thin, we will be best friends forever!

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