On November 24, the sophomores and juniors went on a field trip to the St. Mary’s Food Bank. Once there, they were greeted by Joyce Gagnon, the volunteer director for the Food Bank. She gave a brief, but beautiful, speech on how miracles are always at work at St. Mary’s Food Bank. Next, every student, worker, and guest held hands for prayer and the students went to work making sure everyone who came in for help that day got what they needed for a great Thanksgiving week and weekend.

We were split into groups to fulfill separate tasks. One group gathered the food into bags and weighed them in order to record what comes in to the food bank. The next step was to separate the food into categories – pasta, vegetables, baby food, etc. Then, the final step was to stock the shelves and make the boxes for people coming in that day. Each group did their job sufficiently. The students spent a good three hours at work and made sure all that St. Mary’s needed from us that day was completed. The reward the students got out of this was the chance to help their fellow man and seeing the smiles on their faces. The students of VCS hope for another opportunity to go back and help again.

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