Q: What was your favorite gift you ever received for Christmas, and why was that gift so special to you?

Sierra O’Kaine


A: My favorite gift I ever received was the skateboard I got last year. I liked that skateboard because it is fun to ride and helps me be more athletic.

Peggy Jergens


A: The best gift I ever received was a guitar that I had always wanted. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but that is the present that sticks out in my mind.

Thomas Berry


A: My favorite gift ever given to me for Christmas would have to be the snowboard I got last year. I was very excited when I got this gift because I was able to go out and ride almost every day last winter.

Virginia Wilson


A: When I was 13, my parents gave me the best gift, which was my new iPod. I like that gift the best because my old CD player kept breaking that year, and now I don’t have to worry about CDs, and get to listen to my music anytime I want.

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